05 – Q Is Here

We talk Tampa getting swept, Joel Quenneville inciting an online conspiracy theory, and Jordan Binnington’s insane tweets from 6 years ago. PLUS: Ray Bourque! Jazzy B! Francesco Aquilini’s child support payments!

04 – Edler?.wav

We rebrand as a movie podcast to make fun of J.D. Burke, and Elliot regales the boys with a harrowing tale of recording malfunctions in a special apology segment. We also get into the draft lottery, Quinn Hughes, and Vyas’ former life as a Canucks YouTube compilation guy.

03 – All Refs Are Bastards

We’ve reached the “bending the world” stage of podcasting, as a whole bunch of stuff happened this week that would have seemed impossible in a pre-Roxy Fever media landscape. We discuss Don Cherry’s cop tweets, how (((Tyson Foods))) controls the Vancouver media, and Donald Trump’s fixation on the size of Alex Ovechkin’s hands.

02 – Virtue Signal

Topics include Loui Eriksson’s scratch, Jonathan Dahlen’s comments on Utica, and Rag-It-Gate. We also do a reading series on Dean Blundell’s article on virtue signalling in hockey.

01- See You In Pittsburgh

It’s episode one of Vancouver’s only anti-racist hockey podcast. Your boys Jackson, Vyas, and Elliot talk about the Canucks pair of trade deadline deals, the virtues of voluntary celibacy, and how to sneak a goat into a hotel room.