The Draft Knight w/JD Burke

we lost the audio vyas and I recorded so we had to have jd on the show

we talk about Alex Edler, the draft, and what JD would do if placed in a life-or-death scenario by the clown prince of gotham himself

11 – Roxaduccio Feveraliano w/Francesco Aquilini

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. We talk about the Zaitsev and Lucic rumours and the Edler contract negotiations, as well as Barstool Dave’s adventures in Saint Louis. BUT FIRST: Francesco Aquilini joins Jackson on the phone to talk about the upcoming draft and the Golden Eagle Farm scandal.


The Bruins lost so Jackson made emergency calls to each of Vyas and Elliot to laugh at their misfortune. Part 1 of 2

10 – Softstool Sports

We read the Horny Podcasting Article, talk about the Blues vs. Bruins battle for who is More Woke, then get into the Bruins’ affiliation with Barstool Sports and their interview with the vaping/war crimes congressman. We also offer an update on the Aquilini/Golden Eagle Farm scandal and talk about Francesco’s influence on the local media in Vancouver.

Vice Article:

09 – Grand Old Cars

It’s a long one this week. The boys talk the suicide-inducing SCF matchup and the Senators’ search for a coach before doing a deep dive on Francesco Aquilini and the Aquilini Group’s involvement in reactionary politics. PLUS: and update on the boys at Grand Old Sports. Stick around until the end for this one.

08 – [redacted]

We talk more playoffs, and how the Sharks and Bruins prove that the retool-on-the-fly is possible. We also get into Kyle Wellwood’s history of politically idiosyncratic tweets, and the launch of Grand Old Sports, the new network for conservative sports fans. BUT FIRST: we talk about our friends the Puck Bunnies, and how [redacted]. PLUS: Would we fuck Gritty? The answer may surprise you.

Bonus Audio: Ron MacLame

Bonus talk that got cut from the episode about how Ron MacLean sucks and will never be forgiven for his hatchet job on Alex Burrows. Skip to 3:00 if you don’t want to hear me get very sad about Jason Botchford.

07 – The Roxies

The boys do full episode on the passing of legendary Vancouver sports journalist and radio personality Jason Botchford, including a deep dive into his role in Jackson’s blood feud with former Vancouver Sun columnist Iain MacIntyre.

06 – Pierre McGuire Retire Bitch

After a long, technical difficulty-driven hiatus, the boys are back to talk alternate playoff formats, Canes-Caps and Sharks-Knights, how Mike Gillis is like Joe Biden, and why you should only ever talk about Pierre McGuire to make fun of his appearance, with plenty of time left over to scan JD Burke’s reddit AMA and speculate what he would be like as the dang Joker.