21 – The Elliot Hoyt Revenge Episode

i tried to do this 3 times and it’s still bad

20 – Age GaAp

We talked about Sven Baertschi, captaincy, Auston Matthews, and the Botchford project. PLUS: Green Day! Media Accountability! AND the long awaited return of the apology segment.

19 – Castle Fun Park Fever

It’s a special preseason edition of Roxy Fever. We talk about how fans should be losing patience with Jake Virtanen, and also why he should be captain. We also talk about Boeser’s new contract and two examples of the Canucks’ front office fucking up basic math in radio interviews.

18 – i am so tired

rip amouranth and grand old sports

17 – I Got An Extension For Ya Right Here, Pal

It’s the Jim Benning extension episode. We do a DEEP dive into his time as Canucks GM, and also talk about Andrew Walker’s obsession with PK Subban workout videos.

16 – Dave Soyboy

We talk Luongo’s jersey retirement, hidden meanings in sports logos, and why unions are good and barstool is bad.

15 – Roxy Bunnies

THE LOST EPISODE. Audrey and Christina from Puck Bunnies (@puckbunnies_pod) joined us during draft weekend to do emotional labour for us. We take a love language test and all get completely roasted. We may have talked about hockey at some point during the episode, but no promises.

14 – Roxy Biecher

We talk about Micheal Ferland and how his contract affects the Canucks’ ability to sign Boeser, read the /r/Canucks thread from the day Loui Eriksson was signed, and talk about the offseason brain worms of a pair of radio personalities. We also get into Ryan Biech and how his hiring managed to turn into an argument about the Vancouver Media.

13 – Lamb Fried Rice w/GrĂ¡inne Downey

We are joined by GrĂ¡inne Downey (@wholegrainne) to talk about Alex Edler, free agency, and the backlash against “negative” media narratives. But first, Vyas gets like five phone calls from his mom about fried rice and we lose our minds about it.

12 – Michael Jordan Peterson

We talk about J.T. Miller; the draft; Lu’s retirement; and get into a trio of articles about Kevin Hayes shitting on a car, the weirdest draft combine interview questions, and how the NBA finals had bad ratings because they weren’t right-wing enough, or something. It was pretty incoherent.