The Saga Begins

Yes it’s true!! The worst kept secret.. ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce the debut of a fantastic new website for Roxy Fever. Our grasps remain as unbounded as ever, and as a result, I decided the podcast alone was simply too small an arena for the kind of falsehoods and directionless negativity we wish to disseminate/spew.

Just kidding. 

I started this site for two reasons. The first is strictly practical. As some of you may have noticed, Roxy Fever has not been available on Spotify for the last few months, thanks to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group. The obvious solution to this problem would have been to go back and remove the offending music cue, but unfortunately, I ran into a couple of issues. As you might expect, splitting your time between yelling about hockey on the internet and cooking breakfast for office workers is not exactly the kind of thing that yields a ton of money, so when I ran out of room on my hard drive earlier this year, my solution was to delete the project files for most of the old episodes. I also had no idea what song we got dinged for in the first place, and the task of going through each episode and manually removing all the music was not something that seemed like a lot of fun. 

I also could have just deleted the old episodes off the feed altogether, but frankly, they serve as a sonic time capsule of some of the most interesting and important moments in my life, so I wanted them to exist somewhere. At some point in the coming weeks, the first 25 or so episodes of the show are going to disappear off SoundCloud and Apple podcasts as I prepare to re-submit the podcast to Spotify, but thankfully, they’ll still have a permanent home, thanks to the magic of WordPress.

The second reason I started the site is perhaps a bit more selfish. As many people who’ve followed me for a long time have probably realized, my interest in covering the day-to-day minutia of games, prospects, trades, transactions, and cap constraints  waned considerably over the course of my time at CanucksArmy, and my interest in applying a more critical political and social lens to world of hockey greatly increased. Unfortunately, I’m unsure that any platform exists for me to broadcast those thoughts in written form at the moment, and I’m even less sure that I’d be any good at it. So, for the time being, this space will be the outlet for any of the thoughts I’ve deemed too out-there for more traditional platforms. It’s a lot more difficult than pumping out listicles about the best potential free agents on the market, but it’s also a lot more rewarding. I don’t really know if any of my early efforts are going to be all that coherent or interesting, but after years of being constrained by the limits of traditional sports blogging, I feel like I need somewhere where I can be as crazy as possible. Thankfully, whatever I end up writing can’t possibly be as slapdash and rinky-dink as the site itself.

In the meantime, thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and as always, please direct any and all complaints to @jdylanburke on Twitter.


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